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What does the conversion to rich gas mean for you as an authorised technician?




If you have customers who live in a municipality that is converting to rich gas, all their appliances must be inspected and, where necessary, adapted before the conversion.

Some gas appliances are not compatible with rich gas. 

Gas appliances produced since 1978 are generally compatible with rich gas, but sometimes they must be adapted to run properly and in complete safety. 

Gas appliances made before 1978 will generally not be compatible, which means they will likely have to be replaced

Gas appliances purchased in other countries likely do not meet the legal standards in force in Belgium. They must be replaced or made compatible with Belgian legislation if technically possible, provided the age of the appliance still enables this and provided the operational safety can be guaranteed. Only the manufacturer can provide professional advice on this.

If you have doubts about the compatibility of a gas appliance, don’t hesitate to contact or the manufacturer of the appliance in question. You can also check the conversion website for authorised technicians for further information.

The inspection must be done before the actual conversion of your customer. The inspection must be done after your customer has received a message from his distribution network operator and/or gas supplier, informing the customer of their conversion date


You should try to combine this inspection with the next compulsory periodic inspection of the customer’s boiler. During this inspection, you may be called on to carry out an new adaptation for some appliances. Sometimes, you may also have to carry out two adaptations : an intermediate adaptation before the conversion and definitive adaptation after the conversion.

Your customers will receive in good time a message from their distribution network operator or gas supplier. However, you should also inform them about this yourself too. To that end, check the indicative timetable for conversion on the website of your customers’ distribution network operators.

When will your customers convert to rich gas?

You can check yourself if your customers are affected by the conversion by entering their postcode in the search field at the bottom of this page. This will tell you whether or not you may be called on to inspect their gas appliances.

Inform your customers about the imminent conversion

Are your customers aware of the conversion? Maybe not! Inform them about it so that everything required can be done in time and their appliances will run properly and in complete safety after the conversion to rich gas. For that you can use the letter template that you can find on the conversion website for authorised technicians.

After your inspection, give your customer a visit report mentioning the gas appliances that have been inspected and the adaptations made. This will provide them with documentary evidence of your visit and any work carried out.


Do you need technical information about the conversion?

The best guarantee that you can keep your customers for a long time is to provide them with detailed advice and to offer them the best value-for-money solution.

Do check the conversion website for authorised technicians. This site was developed by 

The site notably includes the industry codes of conduct drafted in collaboration with the ATTB, the Belgian association of boiler and burner manufacturers, and recommended by Bouwunie Installateurs and ICS, the installers federations. It also includes detailed information on the technical specifications, and standard templates for your visit reports and your letters. will also organise information sessions for authorised technicians, in collaboration with the distribution network operators. Don’t hesitate to contact on 0800 11 229 or by e-mail:

Do you have any questions? (FAQ)

See the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ)
or visit the conversion website for authorised technicians.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)